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Breeder N/A
Sire N/A
Dam N/A
Foal Date
Breed A
Gender S

Offspring Trophy Case

The offspring of this sire/dam have picked up the following placements at 2021 Arabian US Nationals

Top 10 x 23
Res. Champion x 1
Champion x 3
Breed Points
Bellini Arabian 1
Blue J Half Arabian 32
Bright J Half Arabian 21
Khaberet PGA Arabian 21
Khachella J Arabian
Khal Drago J Arabian 6
Khalifornia Khrome J Arabian 6
Kharamine Half Arabian 26
Kharnival J Half Arabian 1
Kharried Away J Half Arabian 6
Kharrson Arabian 12
Khartwright J Half Arabian 16
Khasha J Arabian 1
Kheanne Arabian 6
Khit Khat J Half Arabian 17
Khoca Khola J Half Arabian 11
Khodiak PGA Arabian
Khona J Arabian
Khosmopolitan MD Arabian 7
Khrave J Half Arabian 7
Khrystal Khadraj J Half Arabian 6
Midnight Blue J Half Arabian 8
Monte Kharlo J Arabian
MPA Kharianne Arabian
MR Blue Sky J Half Arabian
Sinagain Half Arabian 1
Volkhano J Half Arabian 5
WR Soulman Arabian