Breeder N/A
Owner Beth Jupp or The Jupp Family Trust
Sire N/A
Dam N/A
Foal Date
Breed A
Gender S

Trophy Case

Top 10 x 1
Res. Champion x 1

2006 US Arabian Nationals

Classes Entered

Number Name Placing Exhibitor
117 Arabian Pleasure Driving CH Top 10 Shan Wilson
120 Arabian Pleasure Driving AAOTD CH Res. Champion Beth Jupp

Adv: Advanced through to next round

Gender Breed Foal Date Sire Dam
Affliction Stallion Arabian 2013-03-11 Mamage PSI Love U
ALL Night Affair Half Arabian Mamage Koralina
Bacchus BHA Stallion Arabian 2011-05-09 Mamage MD Chardonnay
Boogiee Shoes Gelding Half Arabian 2008-06-12 Mamage Orchidee A
Buddy Holly LPR Gelding Arabian 2011-05-30 Mamage Royal Wish
Corssage Mare Half Arabian 2014-05-25 Mamage Rosealina
CS Damage Control Gelding Arabian 2014-03-01 Mamage Pristene
CSP Barbancourt Stallion Arabian 2009-04-28 Mamage CSP Angelfire
CSP Funk You UP Gelding Half Arabian 2015-04-13 Mamage THE Gossip Writer
CSP Gisele Mare Arabian 2006-05-13 Mamage MHR Martinna
CSP Hot DAM Gelding Arabian 2006-05-19 Mamage THE Vintage Rose
CSP Hot Tamale Mare Half Arabian 2003-05-14 Mamage THE Vintage Rose
CSP IM Yours Mare Half Arabian 2009-03-05 Mamage THE Vintage Rose
CSP Lance Armstrong Gelding Half Arabian 2005-05-15 Mamage Miss Americana
CSP Luck B Alady Mare Half Arabian 2004-06-21 Mamage Karalina
CSP Magician Gelding Arabian 2003-04-29 Mamage NH Mischief
CSP Springsteen Gelding Half Arabian 2007-06-03 Mamage Spring IS IN The AIR
Dress Blues +/ Gelding Half Arabian 2008-05-26 Mamage OSO Mad About You ++/
Guilty Pleasure Mare Arabian 2014-03-05 Mamage Always Huck V
Honor Guard Stallion Half Arabian 2013-04-30 Mamage Just Jaylo
HS Infatuation Gelding Half Arabian 2008-06-10 Mamage Callaways Kiss ME Kate
Infinity CSP Mare Arabian 2000-04-06 Mamage Broadway Play
James Brown Stallion Half Arabian 2006-04-28 Mamage Watch MY Success
JSN Bahama Mama Mare Arabian 2008-03-20 Mamage Ultra Afire
JSN Hot Line Gelding Half Arabian 2010-06-16 Mamage Yolanda
JSN New York Star Arabian Mamage Ultra Afire
Kickstart MY Hart Gelding Arabian 2010-05-17 Mamage PSI Love U
KRA Dammage Gelding Arabian 1998-04-03 Mamage Fyre Flighr
KW Isaiah Gelding Arabian 2017-02-28 Mamage KW Sapphire
KW Micah Stallion Arabian 2015-03-19 Mamage KW Sapphire
Ladys Man WH Gelding Half Arabian 2006-04-23 Mamage Lady Larda W
LE Marage Gelding Half Arabian 2014-03-12 Mamage Marissa LOA
LET ME B Frank Gelding Arabian 2009-03-04 Mamage B Loved
Mademoiselle Noir Mare Half Arabian 2009-06-04 Mamage Ramona's Scarlett
Majas Matador CB Stallion Arabian 2008-04-01 Mamage Arwinds Maja
Make MY Day CCF Gelding Arabian 2009-04-25 Mamage MMA April Love
Malachi KW Gelding Arabian 2014-03-31 Mamage KW Sapphire
Mama Mia LOA Mare Half Arabian 2006-04-01 Mamage MY Lucky DAY
Mamage A Trois DKS Stallion Half Arabian 2011-05-31 Mamage Reedann's Coral World
Mammacita Mare Half Arabian 2010-02-24 Mamage Cadillacs Premiertown
Mamosa Mare Half Arabian 2011-06-30 Mamage Cadillacs Premiertown
Mcguffin Gelding Arabian 2012-07-15 Mamage JM Rhona BEY
Melody OF Spring HA Mare Half Arabian 2008-05-08 Mamage Admirals Lotus Blossom
Montrachet BHA Stallion Arabian 2016-03-04 Mamage MD Chardonnay
Natalie Woods BF Mare Half Arabian 2008-05-25 Mamage Clover Hill's Blazing Luck
Night Fury TA Mare Half Arabian 2015-05-16 Mamage Phun Night
Olaf WB Gelding Arabian 2014-04-21 Mamage Fantasia WB
Otherwise Engaged Mare Arabian 2009-05-05 Mamage Veghaz Showgirl
Perfec Idea Stallion Half Arabian 2007-05-09 Mamage Perfec Timing
Perfec Sense Gelding Half Arabian 2001-06-03 Mamage Perfec Timing
RH Gladiator Gelding Half Arabian 2003-07-22 Mamage Lakeview's Savoir Faire
RH MI Mamage Stallion Arabian 2004-07-20 Mamage MI Kaborina
Ronde VU Stallion Arabian 2005-04-11 Mamage Ames Deja VU
SA Mamaximus Gelding Arabian 2008-05-25 Mamage TAF Madonna
SAL Mineo BF Gelding Half Arabian 2008-04-27 Mamage Clover Hill's Blazing Luck
Sofa King Suite Gelding Half Arabian 2008-04-21 Mamage Ramona's Scarlett
Tamar Get Lucky Gelding Half Arabian 2009-04-18 Mamage Society Lady
Tamar Moveslikejagger Gelding Half Arabian 2009-03-14 Mamage Chills N Thrills
TAP OUT Gelding Half Arabian 2014-04-12 Mamage Beaulieu's Tapestry
THE Real Slim Shady Gelding Half Arabian 2000-05-05 Mamage Vanity's GAL
Truly Magical Mare Arabian 2007-03-15 Mamage Shes SO Khool
Vendettaa +/ Mare Arabian 2009-05-08 Mamage PSI Love U
Wave ON Stallion Half Arabian 2009-04-01 Mamage Callaway's Second Date
Zodiac Amore Gelding Half Arabian 2016-04-26 Mamage Bella Amora BPA

Beth Jupp
Shan Wilson