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Breeder N/A
Owner n/a
Sire N/A
Dam N/A
Foal Date
Breed A
Gender S

Offspring Trophy Case

The offspring of this sire/dam have picked up the following placements at 2021 Youth & Mid Summer Nationals

Top 10 x 41
Res. Champion x 9
Champion x 3
Breed Points
BCR Midnite Lightning Arabian 1
BCR Midnitecowboy Arabian 16
Bentayga Arabian 16
Coldplay Kid+// Arabian 6
CPH Allstarr Half Arabian 10
CPH Lonestarr Half Arabian 20
CPH Rising Starr Half Arabian 5
Dancing AT Midnight Half Arabian 10
DB Wouldnt Itbe Nice+/ Half Arabian 11
Diesel Smoke CBA Arabian 12
Felenah+++// Arabian
Gunnin For Roses DS Half Arabian 37
Jasmine And Magnolia Arabian 20
Kayce Kid+/ Arabian 27
Kids N Roses GRK Half Arabian 10
Moonlight Kid GRK Half Arabian
Neener Neener Neener+/ Arabian 10
PA Cassara Dancer Arabian 6
PA Khassique KID Arabian
PA Moonshine KID Arabian 6
PA Ruckus KID Half Arabian 7
Ponache FF Arabian 31
SHE BE Sunkissed Half Arabian
Solomon WB Arabian 17
TR Butch Cassidy++++// Half Arabian 97
Vera Wang Arabian
WGA Rose Dancer+// Arabian 1
WGA White Smoke Arabian
WS Marilyn Monwhoa Half Arabian 51