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Breeder N/A
Sire N/A
Dam N/A
Foal Date
Breed A
Gender S

Offspring Trophy Case

The offspring of this sire/dam have picked up the following placements at 2021 Youth & Mid Summer Nationals

Top 10 x 77
Res. Champion x 15
Champion x 8
Breed Points
Affire Ruhles ORA Half Arabian 5
AIR Force Arabian 16
ALL Heir Arabian 20
Amelia Heirhart Half Arabian 6
Angels Envy KT Arabian 5
B Wheir KP Arabian 7
BL Heir Supreme Arabian 15
Blazn Heir HPF Half Arabian 22
Brandys Heir Arabian 1
Corona PE Half Arabian 20
Create N Illusion CRF Arabian 5
DA Latitude Arabian 11
Debonheir DGL Arabian 26
Dheir TO Dream WA Arabian 5
Frisco DGL Arabian 36
Futurama Half Arabian 35
GSF Insider Arabian 20
Heavenlei Heir WA Arabian 5
Heir Power PR+ Arabian 11
Heir Stryke Arabian 5
Heir Supreme SS Arabian 5
Heir TO Motion Arabian 10
Heiragorn Arabian 11
Heiress Hilton Arabian
Heirika Arabian 6
Heiristotle+ Arabian 50
Heirmes Arabian 10
Heirs Maximus Arabian 10
Heirs Rock N Roll Arabian 20
HOT Heir PF Arabian 10
Iconic Heir Arabian 5
IF Looks Could Kill Half Arabian
KT Heir Show Arabian 5
Lesleis Heir++++// Arabian 43
Macdaddy EA Half Arabian 10
Master N Commandheir Half Arabian 15
Midnight Heiress Arabian
Motion Afire Arabian 42
Moves Afire WA Arabian 6
OH Dancing ON Heir Arabian 26
OH Heir Brushed Arabian 5
Reigning Heir Half Arabian
Revelryz Arabian 35
RGT Inthe Heir Tonite Half Arabian
Saxton DGL Arabian 45
Shes All That ORA Half Arabian 6
Soldier CA Half Arabian 5
SR Lava Arabian 25
Super Nova PR Arabian 66
TCF Rihanna Half Arabian 6
THE Sweetest Dreamm Half Arabian 10
Thrillionheir Arabian
Titanium VK Half Arabian 5
VJ Prince Heiry Arabian 10
Voodoo Ride SF Half Arabian 17