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Breeder N/A
Owner n/a
Sire N/A
Dam N/A
Foal Date
Breed A
Gender S

Offspring Trophy Case

The offspring of this sire/dam have picked up the following placements at 2021 Youth & Mid Summer Nationals

Top 10 x 59
Champion x 10
Res. Champion x 5
Breed Points
Affirmativ Actionn Arabian 20
Afire ME UP Arabian 15
Afire Siren Half Arabian
BAD Badleroybrown+/ Arabian 10
Becca Afire Arabian 5
Blaze Afire BF Half Arabian 10
Deja Blues Arabian 16
Dewey OR Dont WE Half Arabian 5
Eden Fire Half Arabian 15
Elana Afire Half Arabian 15
Elegance ON Fire Half Arabian
Fire And Brass Arabian 40
Fire Baske Arabian 10
Fire Strikee Half Arabian
Flintts Lucky Strike Half Arabian 15
Flirtacious Fire PF Arabian
GSF Revolution +/ Arabian 10
JS Struttin ON Aphire Half Arabian 10
Justice Afire Arabian 6
LAH TI DA Arabian 11
Malina Afire Half Arabian
MY Sweet Fire Half Arabian 45
Night OF Afire+/ Arabian 20
NO Doubtt Arabian 9
NO Strings Attached Half Arabian 20
Notorious Afire+/ Arabian 15
Notorious Afire VA Arabian 11
O F Dandy Afire+/ Arabian 11
OFW Psy Fi+++/ Arabian 5
Prohibition SX+ Arabian 1
QH Magellan Arabian
Ready Aim Afire J Arabian 15
ROL Flash Fire Arabian 5
ROL Hot Spiced Cider Arabian 26
SF Specs Superior Arabian 7
Shes Full Afire Arabian 21
Spartacus Afire Half Arabian 35
Sure Fire Redemption Half Arabian 55
Sweet Cracklin Fire Half Arabian 35
THE Dark Knightt Half Arabian 35
Ultimate Fire CRF Arabian 1