Wolf Springs Ranches Inc Breeder Profile

Trophy Case

Horses Bred
Name Sire Dam Foal Date
Chocolate Chip Cookie Legacy OF Gold Zips Raggedy ANN 2003-03-13
Smokin N Havana Rohara Moon Storm+// Smokums Miss Doc BAR 2006-04-10
Sunstormm Sundance Kid V ICE Storm TC 2007-05-04
TR Brace For Impack Jaborrs Impack Oakachic 2005-04-21
TR Butch Cassidy +++/ Sundance Kid V Chip Dot Comm 2007-01-23
TR Dealin For Roses Dealin For Jewels Portena 2011-04-27
TR Despret For Achic Desperado V Oakachic 2003-04-25
TR Dun This Dun That Hollywood Dun IT Lahabeebe 2002-02-24
TR Flash Flood What IT Takes+ Tidal Wave Jackie 2012-04-02
TR Gunpowder N Lead What IT Takes+ TR Chics Smoking GUN 2013-03-15
TR Hollywood Rose Hollywood Dun IT Patchouly Rose 2001-06-04
TR Ima Rockin KID IMA Dun KID Portena 2006-04-03
TR IT Takes Cash What IT Takes+ TR Big Chic TO Cash 2012-03-15
TR IT Takes Grit What IT Takes+ ZZA Zza Lena 2011-03-30
TR Midnight SUN Starof Fame V+/ Peppys Dainty Queen 2014-06-16
TR Natashaa SJ Mikhail TR Sittin Pretty 2006-03-29
TR Por Quixote RAY Gay Quixote Portena 2012-04-15
TR Reindance Jaborrs Impack ZEE Honey 2005-03-17
TR Roosters Impack Jaborrs Impack Roosters Julie 2006-01-29
TR Skid Mark ZEE Mega Bucks Chics Flip 0000-00-00
TR Sweet Deal Dealin For Jewels TR Sweet Magia 2008-04-21
TR Take Ittothe Bank What IT Takes+ Gallita Chiquita 2012-03-02
TR Texas T IMA Dun KID Portena 2003-03-18
TR Zee Megafire ZEE Mega Bucks Afire OF Gold 2005-03-26
What A Sensation S What IT Takes+ TR Sittin Pretty 2007-03-22
Whata Chic Olena TR What IT Takes+ Chics Flip 2009-04-12
Whata Doc Bar TR What IT Takes+ Smokums Miss Doc BAR 2009-05-07
Showing At
2020 Youth & Mid Summer Nationals
2018 Youth Arabian Nationals
2017 Canadian Arabian Nationals
2017 Youth Arabian Nationals
2015 Canadian Arabian Nationals
2015 Youth Arabian Nationals
2014 Youth Arabian Nationals
2012 Youth Arabian Nationals
2011 Youth Arabian Nationals
2010 Youth Arabian Nationals
2008 US Arabian Nationals
2008 Youth Arabian Nationals
2007 US Arabian Nationals
2006 US Arabian Nationals
2006 Youth Arabian Nationals