Eleanor Hamilton Breeder Profile

Trophy Case

Horses Bred
Name Sire Dam Foal Date
Angel Under Fire CG Colonel JAC Fire Musc+ 2008-04-10
Built BY Peppy Little Sorrel Peppy FAE Zee Princess 2010-05-06
CMS Little Sierra Crown Musc Smart Little Sierra 2003-03-31
CMS Super Chick Crown Musc Super Cindy Brick 2004-04-04
Come Spin With ME Hesa Zee+/ Miss Colonel Freckle 2007-03-24
EAF Colonels Princess CG Colonel JAC Zees Princess 2010-04-13
EAF Hes Capable Hesa Zee+/ AM Capableclemmie 2014-04-19
EAF Hesa Artist Hesa Zee+/ Artymusme 2012-03-20
EAF Hesa Comet Hesa Zee+/ AM Haleys Comet 2014-03-08
EAF Hesa Enterprise Hesa Zee+/ Surprisn Miss Melody 2013-04-22
EAF Hesa Little Whiz Conquistador Whiz Hezas Fire FLY 2014-04-14
EAF Hesa ON Time Hesa Zee+/ VON More Time 2016-04-07
EAF Lil Red Corvete CG Colonel JAC Zees Princess 2014-03-19
EAF Wild E Quixote Royal Blue Quixote Artymusme 2007-03-31
Hesa Cassanova Hesa Zee+/ Surprisn Miss Melody 2011-03-11
Hesa Poco Peppy Hesa Zee+/ Peppy Poco Nada 2012-04-22
Hesa Power KEG Hesa Zee+/ Smart Little Sierra 2008-04-20
Heza Fire Walker Hesa Zee+/ Fire Musc+ 2007-04-15
Heza MY Daddy Hesa Zee+/ Little Santana PEP 2009-03-03
Lady Muscana Hesa Zee+/ RV Muscana 2007-03-11
Romaneks PS And QS Romanek Minding PS And QS 2016-05-24
Shesa Goldelocks Hesa Zee+/ Leave The Lights ON 2018-04-06
Shesa Special Lady Hesa Zee+/ HIT The Highlights 2017-03-29
ZEE Fire Storm Hesa Zee+/ Fire Musc+ 2005-03-13
ZEE Lil Peppet Hesa Zee+/ Smart Lil Peppet 2017-04-25
ZEE Ricky Bobby Paddys Irish Whiskey ZEE Cover Girl 2009-02-24
Zees Minding Mozart TA Mozart Minding PS And QS 2016-02-19
Showing At
2020 Youth & Mid Summer Nationals
2018 Youth Arabian Nationals
2017 Canadian Arabian Nationals
2017 Youth Arabian Nationals
2016 Canadian Arabian Nationals
2015 Canadian Arabian Nationals
2015 Youth Arabian Nationals