Burrline LLC Breeder Profile

Trophy Case

Horses Bred
Name Sire Dam Foal Date
Blackberry Smoke Black Daniels O Lady Diva 2011-05-04
Bongo JOE VCP Magnifire VON Dutch 2011-04-09
California Drreamin Afires Heir Phantoms Sweet Temptation 2014-03-16
California Gurls SF Specs Shocwave Madcap Heiress 2008-04-10
Cape Crusader Allience +// Lacey Memories
Coachella Queen Nutcracker's Nirvana GSF Poetry IN Motion 2016-04-16
Dirty Face Allience +// Petra C 2008-02-19
Evel Knievel Baske Afire Phantoms Sweet Temptation 2015-04-25
Girrlz Nite OUT (sa) Tomcat Brown Eyed Girlz 2017-02-18
House OF Cards Baske Afire Card Trick 2013-02-24
Night IN Nirvana Nutcracker's Nirvana GSF Poetry IN Motion 2018-03-21
NO Hard Feelings Black Daniels Card Trick 2015-04-07
Paloozo Apollopalooza Kaunita 2004-04-27
Parrty Monster HA Toskcan Sun + Phantoms Sweet Temptation 2017-03-29
Redd Riding Hood Black Daniels Real Cool Breeze 2011-02-17
Ride The Wave SF Specs Shocwave VON Dutch 2012-04-06
Royalz VJ Royal Heir Brown Eyed Girlz 2014-02-17
Shock N Rock SF Specs Shocwave Card Trick 2008-03-26
Spenderella Triften +/ CF IN A Rare Mood 2008-05-14
Spider RED IXL Noble Express + GSF Poetry IN Motion 2011-05-08
Starrboy SF Specs Shocwave Petra C 2015-04-14
Steel Strike Apollopalooza Usandra 2006-04-19
THE After Party SF Aftershoc + Real Cool Breeze 2015-04-04
THE Poett HA Toskcan Sun + GSF Poetry IN Motion 2014-05-19
THE Trashman Allience +// Petra C 2006-02-26
Vampire Afire Afire Bey V Usandra 2010-02-20
Wicked Cool THE Renaissance Wicked 2013-02-28
Witching Hour Afire Bey V CF IN A Rare Mood 2014-04-06
Showing At
2020 Youth & Mid Summer Nationals
2019 Youth Arabian Nationals
2018 Youth Arabian Nationals
2017 Canadian Arabian Nationals
2017 Youth Arabian Nationals
2016 Canadian Arabian Nationals
2016 Youth Arabian Nationals
2015 Canadian Arabian Nationals
2015 Youth Arabian Nationals
2014 Youth Arabian Nationals
2013 US Arabian Nationals
2013 Youth Arabian Nationals
2012 Youth Arabian Nationals
2011 US Arabian Nationals
2011 Youth Arabian Nationals
2010 US Arabian Nationals
2009 US Arabian Nationals
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